Monday, October 31, 2011

Preparing to Mash: Step Two

Camera in position
Over a few days I was able to capture digital images of some activities in the school library in preparation for creating my video.
Note: In September our school requests a standard student permission form be signed by parents. This year the form included a statement that photographs could be taken and used by teachers in the classroom, on school websites, school blogs and in professional publications. I asked all student subjects if their parents had agreed to allow photos to be taken and used. 

I have decided to create Lougheed Library: the movie and publish it to YouTube. "YouTube is where more and more of our students go to publish the artifacts of their lives" (Richardson, 2009) and there is the possibility of engaging students in library use through a video on YouTube. 

I realized when reviewing my video that I would have to edit the content before uploading my video to Masher. I have access to Movie Maker through the Microsoft Windows operating system on my home computer. Movie Maker is downloadable from the internet for those who need to add it to their computer. Student use may be limited without Windows bundles and if school systems are frozen to downloads. I watched the YouTube tutorials again and decided to collect still images as well. is downloaded and ready for my edited video.
I am ready for step three!

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