Friday, October 14, 2011

Moving Forward with flickr: Step Three

I am developing some comfort with flickr and its associated tools and I can see myself sharing my paintings with the world (I can’t believe I wrote that). I found I am able to easily upload photos, store them online and manage the photos with the available organization of sets, collections, favourites, tags and groups.
Flickr tags
There are many books and web sites available to help me get started and help me explore ideas and more I am sure to come across in my ongoing learning.
  •  Choosing Web 2.0 tools for learning and teaching in a digital world. Berger, P., & Trexler, S. (2010). Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited.
  • ·The Digital Diet: Today’s digital tools in small bytes. Churches, A., Crockett, L., & Jukes, I. (2010). Kelowna, BC: 21st Century Fluency Project
  • Technology Resources for Schools 
  •  Classroom Uses of Flickr 
Tomaiuolo (2011) identifies Flickr uses by librarians. “For example, the Librarian Trading Cards Group is an area where librarians frequently display their whimsical side to colleagues. The Libraries and Librarians Group at Flickr connects 3,700 information professionals spread across six continents.” (para.10) I added these two groups immediately.
I may be almost as hooked as PC World’s Nikki McDonald. McDonald writes: “After just over a week of using Flickr, I'm hooked. I've gone from checking my e-mail account every 2 minutes to checking my Flickr account instead.” (McDonald, 2005,para. 7) Using Flickr has encouraged me to share not only my paintings but also my personal photographs online. I am interested in the Libraries and Librarians group and the connection to the world of libraries it offers. I was surprised to find this group and others connected to librarians and libraries and look forward to further exploration.

In my school I would like to encourage teachers to use Flickr to develop Flickr sets and introduce students to digital images as part of Geography and History units. I might add a photostream link or set to the library blog for easy access. I need to investigate if my sqworl visual bookmarking pages will accept photostream links from Flickr.

"Registered users can comment on photos, create image "pools" and users around a central
theme, and actually select favorite pictures." (Stephens, 2006. p.58) I am excited by my exploration of Flickr. I hadn’t realized the scale of possibility for flickr use for me personally, professionally, or in my role as a teacher-librarian.

As a result of this exploration I am excited to try the Google image sharing tool, Picasa and begin collaborating with my colleague to add photos to the blog Paths to the Future: 21st Century School Libraries.

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  1. Hi Leslie,
    Flickr seems to offer many more possibilities than I realized too. I look forward to learning more about the site!