Monday, October 10, 2011

Goals of Steps to Web 2.0

  1.  I will endeavour to understand the uses of the tools and improve my ability to use each one, seek sources of support and evaluate each technology as a personal and professional tool. Over time I will continue to add new technologies to my repertoire. Will I be able to increase my comfort level with the selected Web 2.0 technologies.

  2. I will create an expression of my interest in watercolour painting by creating an online gallery using a media sharing tool. In the future I will add these galleries to a blog showcasing my painting and passion for watercolour. How can I make authentic personal use of my web 2.0 learning?
  3. I will tag, sticky note and highlight my online bookmarks to better access information         about topics of interest. Perhaps my future in social bookmarking will include creating a group to meet some specific personal or professional need. How will I organize my professional development through RSS feeds using Google reader and Diigo?

  4. I will read and respond to blogs as well as contribute weekly to the blogs I have created. I will use a variety of embedded links to content created with Web 2.0 tools to enhance my posts and comments. In the future I will create a blog to showcase my art and to share and teach others about watercolour painting. How can I interact with a larger learning community through blogging?

  5. I will offer training to staff or their classes in the use of media sharing, image interaction tools, podcasting, video editing, social bookmarking, blogging, and web-based aggregators with RSS feeds. I hope to keep up with the changes in Web 2.0 and explore more tools which will enhance the education of my students and my own personal internet experiences. How can my personal learning include sharing Web 2.0 tools with the staff at my school and colleagues in other school libraries? Will there be opportunities to model the use of Web 2.0 tools and provide training for the staff and students at my school?

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