Saturday, October 15, 2011

My 3 digital image sharing hats (with respect to Joanne deGroot's 500 hats)

-share family event photos
-share personal event photos with absent family
-share photos of paintings with the world
-join Flickr watercolour artist groups 
-reference photos for paintings

-building (PLN) learning networks with T-L Flickr groups
-studying the work of watercolour artists
-share comments with artists in my groups

-use to develop background knowledge with flickr visuals
-virtual shared experiences
-introduction to biomes, aboriginal peoples environment, country studies
-sharing school events
-virtual yearbook photo collection
-reference photos for electives watercolour students 

Note: I offer a watercolour painting course to grade 8 students in the library. As a result of my exploration of Flickr I created a gallery of pictures including a colour wheel, a palette of colours with paint tubes, and examples of watercolour paintings I found in the Flickr groups I follow. I was able to show slides of my own paintings and suggested we might create a gallery of student work. A collection of Flickr images of iris' and poppies helped students visualize the flowers for their floral paintings.
Grade 8 Watercolour Elective Flickr slide show

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