About Me

I am a Teacher-Librarian in a Middle School in Ontario, Canada. I have been teaching for 25 years and I have been a teacher-librarian for almost 10 years. I have recently registered and begun my Master of Education degree through the University of Alberta Teacher Librarian Distance Learning program (TLDL). This is the most exciting learning I have ever done! As a result of the two courses I have taken so far, I have become a published author, a member of the editorial team of the Teaching Librarian, a blogger, a conference presenter and an advocate for access to Web 2.0 tools in our board of education. The Steps to Web 2.0 blog was begun as an inquiry project for EDES 544, Exploration of Web 2.0 in September 2011.

My mission is to create a fully accessible 21st Century Learning Commons by advocating for and actively pursuing change; including new information technologies and digital tools as resources; assisting all staff and students to access a variety of resources and production spaces; creating products communicating successful understanding in all subject areas; encouraging critical selection and effective use of resources and tools; and engaging students in reading for both learning and entertainment. I will meet the needs of the educators and the learners through collaboration in selection, instruction, and presentation opportunities.

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