Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fumbling into Flickr: Step One

Online image storage was new to me. My first Flickr experience was one of frustration as registration for the free Web 2.0 tool requested none of my already existing email accounts but a new yahoo.com account. Not a real problem as I have adopted a small note book to keep track of my many Web 2.0 accounts, logins and passwords. Turn to F: there you will now find Flickr.
That's me!

Next: To upload some photos (the free Flickr account allows 300 MB and  two videos each month –I am now at 5% of my 300 MB)...there were 60 plus photos taken with a cell phone camera. Once I had connected the camera to the computer...downloaded the software to connect camera to PC I was able to download the pictures to my computer and save them in a) my camera PMB program or b) in my Pictures Library. It seems that the cell phone program doesn’t talk to Flickr so I proceeded to move the pictures to the Picture Library to encourage better communication. Three hours later most of the pictures had been added to my new Flickr album.
The next time I considered photography for my Flickr album I investigated my camera and found a setting for “email” and used that setting (a smaller image size). I uploaded quickly and easily a set of photos of my art work.

When photos are uploaded to Flickr users are asked to tag them. These tags allow you to "connect your photos with other people's photos"(Richardson, 2009, p.101) and become part of the social Flickr network. I was able to organize the photos, add captions and tags and view my photos in an online format, deleting some which were not as clear as I would have liked and copying to a new set. I used the action menu of Flickr to edit the photos selecting edit photo in Picnik. Picnik is a program associated with Flickr that allows users to crop the photos, adjust colour, and add features such as text, stickers, seasonal effects and frames.
My first attempt using Flickr to share photos on my blog resulted in a collection of thumbnails and no slide show. Revisiting the Flickr site I found the share button allows ease of access to the embed code and by copying and pasting the code in Edit HTML I successfully created a slide show on my blog. One issue that needed to be dealt with was the notes added to the studio photo were no longer active in the slide show. So I added a single photo to the blog and explained in the text that notes were available by clicking on the photo.

See the Flickr gallery.

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