Thursday, October 13, 2011

Foray further into flickr: Step Two

I have saved digital images of my paintings to Flickr, edited and saved my changes, created sets and made a gallery into a slide show. By making my photos public I can post a single photo, my gallery or a slide show from Flickr to my blog. Depending on the “look” you desire any of these easy to use Flickr tools work well.

My photostream includes a variety of my watercolour paintings as well as a photo of my studio.  I thought to add some Creative Commons watercolours to my photostream but they were mainly from State Libraries, the Smithsonian or the National Archives and were ancient and not in the style I am interested. I organized my paintings in three sets which allowed me to select specific photos to be added to my blog as a slide show.
I joined and requested to join Flickr watercolour groups where I have found many examples of landscapes, impressionism and other watercolour styles.
 I considered subscribing to one of the group feeds but the discussions I read were incomplete and irregularly used. I am able to upload three paintings (photos) each day to the group pool. The quality is something I will need to investigate because beside some of the other paintings mine look weak.  I read one discussion suggesting scanning rather than photographing your paintings.  I have added a small gallery of favourites from my flickr groups and upon closer inspection notice how some group members comment about the paintings by adding notes on the painting itself.

I explored a number of links to tools using Flickr images with some made available through Flickr. “The wealth of Flickr "toys" being developed is staggering. Many of these tools allow uploading of images or connection with a Flickr account.” (Troutner, 2008)  I played with Picnik editing and although some of the elements are extremely creative and fun I limited myself to cropping, colour adjustment, and framing my paintings. Flickr allows sharing through Voicethread, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter and email. A link to your photostream is available by grabbing, copying and pasting.

I especially enjoyed the Pop Art Poster “Warholizer” tool found on Big Huge Labs although I was unable to save the image through flickr and had to resort to an upload from my computer.

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