Sunday, October 30, 2011

To Mash or Not to Mash?: Step One

My first and only venture into video creation was a year ago when I prepared a web cam recorded video of a storytelling for a wiki I created for a parent literacy conference. I lack understanding of the requirements for creating (read editing) a video. I have a web cam and a camera with a video option which I occasionally use inadvertently. Most students have a camera of some kind and share digital images regularly. Kist (2010) suggests that we are becoming more screen based and that "reading will not only encompass print but also images, sound and motion as well."(p.25)

When a member of staff asked me to help him find an online video sharing technology to use instead of Animoto, I started to look more closely at what was available. Byrne (n.d.) listed a  number of video creation tools on Richard Byrne's Favourite Tech Tools for Teachers. I was attracted by his description of this "great free tool"(para. 3) offering video clips, music, skins and special effects which could be assembled by dragging and dropping. Users can also upload and use their own music, stills, and video clips.

My YouTube search results include a number of Tutorials:
Using video, Using audio, Using text, Using skins, Using effects, and most interesting, Some Editing Rules.

Unfortunately, Masher "editing rules" include that the length of the video is its original uploaded length and can not be edited. In order to create a video using this technology I will need to access a video editing tool before uploading to Masher. In the event that I use clips from the site this is not an issue but creating an original video will require the extra step of video editing using Movie Maker or another editing technology. I thought about using the YouTube editing feature but our school board has just recently unblocked YouTube access and I am not willing to depend on a continuation of YouTube availability when introducing video to classes.
Watching the YouTube tutorials has convinced me that the extra effort will be worth the time.

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