Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thinglink: Second of 6 Web 2.0 tools

To enhance my use of digital images I will investigate the use of an image interaction tool. Thinglink is a tagging tool that adds links to photos on blogs and websites. Reading that flickr permits users to annotate photos by adding text I was interested to come across a new web tool that allows the creator to embed not just text but video, audio files, and images in tags placed in images on websites and blogs. This tool would allow students to create a variety of interactive products and would allow teachers to design creative assignments. Baumbach (2011) lists more than twenty-one interesting ideas for using Thinglink in classrooms. The tool appears to be uncomplicated and intuitive and I am encouraged even as a novice to attempt its use possibly to add tags to a painting, a photo of my “studio” or the library at school.
Below is a sample image from

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