Saturday, October 29, 2011

We are not going back!

This post on the blog Hey Jude: learning in an online world caught my Teacher-librarian eye. 
Teacher librarians are important.
I especially liked this image:

Image cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photoshared by mikefisher821

But, more importantly these words:

"Be sure you are understand online learning environments and the extra-ordinary potential of the social-media mind. Be sure you are involved with and present new ways and new information strategies to your teachers when working within the curriculum and the full knowledge dimension of learning. Be sure you bring with you a full understanding of information literacy and information fluency as the underpinning of all that you do."

Happily, I am able to report that yesterday I successfully negotiated with my principal and opened a Campus account to allow 750 students and 30 teachers access to Weebly for class websites and blogs. We are not going back!

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