Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flickr Pros & Cons

  • free online storage
  • ease of uploading
  • organize in albums, galleries, sets
  • tag photos
  • create slide shows
  • add notes to photos
  • share directly to Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and email
  • embed code
  • link to Picnik for editing, adding text,stickers, effects and frame
  • many web 2.0 tools available for "playing" with Flickr images
  • search using tags 
  • identify favourites from Flickr users
  • join groups of like minded professionals
  • communicate with groups
  • subscribe to group feeds
  • comment on photos
  • private and public settings
  • school access
  • multiple uses for teaching and learning
  • requires email address
  • cell phone photo programs may not communicate with Flickr
  • uploads photos faster if image size is smaller
  • occasional saving and sharing issues

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