Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flickr: First of 6 Web 2.0 Tools

I will explore media sharing in order to create, publish, store, and share media using flickr.

In a post about Banned Website Awareness Day Neilsen (2011)  writes that one of the things we

need to do to prepare our students for the future is move from standardized textbook learning to

personal network learning using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Blogs. Past

experience with student requests for images indicate an ongoing interest in digital media.

Student access to digital photographs through the use of personal devices and online searches

would be more effective using online storage which allows access at a variety of locations with

an internet connection. Maintaining an online digital photo album for professional and personal

digital photos, and video permits me to organize and store photos easily and safely. Albums for

professional and personal use could be shared with my global community. In his blog,

Jakes (2006) lists classroom uses of flickr including “presentations, slide shows, virtual field

trips, documentation of events, and writing prompts”. My experience with flickr has been


I felt frustration at the time it took to prepare and upload photos and my lack of experience lead

me to create a Voicethread instead of a flickr slide show.  Successful creation of an online

album and an embedded flickr slideshow of my paintings will demonstrate my learning.

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