Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More preparation: Step Three

Using Movie Maker to edit and combine my video clips was a simple process. I was able to split the clips and remove excess footage with one button ease. The delete key removed the unwanted footage.
Unedited clip
I combined the video clips and added video effects including text screens, fadeout to white, cycling through the spectrum of colours, and film age to some of the clips. I included a variety of video transitions between each film clip. To create a more professional looking video I would make better use of transitions for effect and limit video effects.
  • Registering for a Masher account required a username, password and email account.
  • Photos, music and videos can be uploaded easily from your computer. Masher provides a good selection of videos, photos and music for use with Masher video creations if original content is not available.
  • Video uploads to Masher are limited to 50 MB. My 21 MB 3:22 minute upload took longer than I expected.  I began to edit the video and photos uploaded by dragging and dropping them on a timeline. I added a block colour screen and special effects with text for a title screen. I added an old movie effect for six frames.
  • As I previewed the video I saw that the audio picked up by the camera was distracting and in places too loud.  I cannot edit the video upload in Masher so I will have to repair this problem and upload a corrected file from Movie Maker.
  • I used a YouTube video tutorial to help me locate the Movie Maker Clip tool where I was able to mute the sound clip by clip, save the new video and upload once again to Masher.

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