Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My 3 Podcasting Hats

My Learning:
-follow episodes of TED Education, The Audacity to Podcast, and Clever Sheep
-unlimited possibilities for professional development (if I only had an ipod)

-engage auditory learners
-alternate presentation task
-read aloud books for English Language Learners and add to library blog
-enlist students to read aloud for school library podcasts
-engaging students in learning through use of Web 2.0 audio files
-sharing with parents
-presently collaborating with a grade 8 teacher to produce podcasts for water issues project (6 more microphones are on my shopping list)

-send audio messages to friends and family
-promote my storytelling as a business
-add 'think aloud' podcasts to my artist website
-blog posts as audio files

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