Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thinking about Thinglink: Step One

Interactivity in a "digital medium create a set of possibilities that did not exist before, facilitating a type of active student learning with public, visual, and kinesthetic properties that cross the boundaries of multiple intelligences. " (Schrand, 2008, p.83)  
I was interested to explore an alternate to flickr image notes and read in Free Technology for Teachers,   "Thinglink is a neat service that allows you to make any image on your blog an interactive image." Including interactivity in images will engage learners and encourage creativity in demonstration of their learning.
For my visually oriented self, Thinglink offers "to embed not just text links to pictures but also audio, video, images and other material brought in directly from other sites.” (Johnson, 2011, para.3) When a reader hovers over a tag they will have access to a link to much more than text. The reader can link to text, to Wikipedia, sound recordings, websites, Facebook, and to iTunes, YouTube or Twitter.

The Innovative Educator wrote about Thinglink,  "Well this is pretty cool." and I agree!

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