Monday, November 21, 2011

Educating Bloggers

I've been working to encourage teachers to incorporate technology (recently) blogging in their programs. It is real work.
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It begins. 
  • "Why should I?"
    Explain about blogging and its benefits; purposeful writing, authentic audience, engaging kids with technology, options for creative culminating tasks, multiple intelligences, equity, collaboration.
  • "I don't get computers."
    Overcome fears with teacher/teacher librarian collaboration and team teaching.

  • "I don't see how it will fit in the curriculum."
    Blogging allows for flexible content and can be used in every subject area with many options for demonstration of understanding. Personally I have always thought my job as an educator is to teach my students how to think and how to learn.
  • "I told the parents I was going to have my class write more."
    Blogging is writing and for an authentic audience.

  •  "I don't know anything about blogging."
    Let me help. Watch
    these videos.Commoncraft: BlogsBrainpop-blogsStart small. Richardson (2009, p.32). suggests blogging with students can be scaffolded.
ELEMENTARY: Locate interesting sites, compare and write about the sites and how they might be used.
MIDDLE SCHOOL: Become experts on a selected topic and identify valid and credible sources.
OLDER STUDENTS: Reflect on a research topic, build on ideas and comments, create new ideas.

  • "They won't be interested."
    Nieses (2011.para.1) writes in Empowering Students to Leave a Legacy, "
    one great way to create deep motivation for some learners is encouraging them to leave a legacy." I imagine the legacy of the digital footprint of a blog might motivate some.

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