Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mashing with Masher:Step Four

Finally my video and photos are uploaded and I am ready to drag and drop. 
AppAppeal reviewed Masher.com and stated, "The site features an easy to use Studio for combining video, photos, and music and for editing in effects and adding text." 
It was easy.
I selected my video (sans audio) and dropped it in the timeline. I added photos and was able to shift their position as I worked. Video effects and text were added to the timeline with an animated menu for selection.  The Masher studio provides music files which I used to complete the video.

I wanted a full audio track for the video. Unfortunately I was unable to loop the music I wanted and needed to replace it with a longer track which was not as long as stated on the file information. In order to finish the video I wanted to add a text screen thanking viewers for watching. No matter what I did I was unable to access the last few photo clips or the colour screen to add my text message.
The video was given a title, description,and tags. It was saved, and I attempted to share with an embed code added to the post below. The HTML code is incomplete so I have provided the link made available for emailing. I sent an email to the Masher Support team requesting assistance.
Until the problem is rectified:

Thank you for watching.

Response from Masher.com Support-
"We are a small team here at Masher, but we will investigate the issue and hopefully come up with a solution."

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