Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blogger: Sixth of 6 Web 2.0 Tools

I will use to create an online blog for sharing the results of my investigations into Web 2.0 tools. I will subscribe to a variety of blogs using RSS feeds and Google Reader. Although “social networks and blogs continue to dominate Americans’ time online” (Nielsen, 2011, p. 1) I have only been blogging for a year with my total number of posts being less than fifty. I have six blogs that I have initiated and feel that in order to take full advantage of this tool a better understanding is necessary. “We often talk about the many changes happening in education and how we, as leaders, need to model the change.  We want students to take the risks ... and to create content for the digital world.  We can help by modelling all of this”. (Kennedy, 2011, para. 2) Kennedy goes on to write about the power, the fear and the reality of sharing stories on blogs. (para. 4) If there ever was a platform to share my passion for my role as a teacher-librarian it is a blog. The assigned project has reinvigorated my interest in blogging and my colleague/co-writer and I hope to have our first posts published this week on our blog Paths to the future: 21st century school libraries.   I hope to “settle into the rhythm of posting” and “come to understand the true mental work that is blogging”, (Richardson, 2009, p. 44) as I post regularly to my blog. I will use RSS feeds to access links to other sites and offer subscriptions to readers who want to follow my blog. I have begun to use Google reader for my personal professional development by accessing professional opinion and intelligent responses to issues in education. I follow the blogs of some educators, teacher-librarians and specialists in educational technology and I am interested in setting up an RSS feed for news and a blog search to regularly access posts relevant to Web 2.0 and teachers. I will include blogs I follow as part of the Steps to Web 2.0 blog.

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