Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blogging/Blogger: Pros and Cons

-free and unlimited blogs
-professional, personal, instructional uses
-unlimited content possible
-opportunity to share beyond the classroom
-opportunity for participation by all students in curriculum conversations
-personalizing with selection of themes, layout, images
-addition of video, audio, digital images, screen capture
-links to web sites, blogs, YouTube, web pages
-embed hyperlinks, video, avatars, widgets
-RSS feeds allow following of favourites
-capture favourite blogs in Google Reader or another aggregator
-tagging or labeling to ease searches
-allows collaboration
-socializes information with comments
-part of your digital footprint
-opportunity to write for a larger audience
-helps develop Professional Learning Community
-encourages critical thinking
-statistics are available
Steps to Web 2.0 audience November 20
-institutional internet filter blocking of blogs
-Google accounts inability to "talk" to other accounts
-moderating of comment content may be necessary
-possible miscommunication or misunderstanding of posts

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