Saturday, November 19, 2011

From here to there and back again: Qwiki

I was introducing Mashpedia to a class this week and realized that I hadn't had time to get a handle on all of the sources. I had missed one - Qwiki.
Luckily, the other resources on the site provided plenty of material.
Earlier I had come across a truly amazing mind map  E-learning tools and resources for schools and education created by Jesper Isaksson with Mindomo and was trying to learn more about the tools on the page in order to introduce the link to my colleagues as my current event submission this week. 
Qwiki was listed as a featured tool.
Back Again:
Qwiki is a multimedia search tool which provides a slide show using a computerized voice to read the information from a Wikipedia article and includes links to multiple images. It includes options to share on Twitter, Facebook, by email and by embedding. 
I can imagine how useful our Special Education teachers will find Qwiki. We have a student who is visually impaired who craves information and I am going to search her out on Monday and introduce her to this tool. It will be especially engaging because of the popular culture content wikipedia offers.
I experimented searching for Free Trade, Inuit, New France, Samuel de Champlain, oil spill, and Canadian confederation and was not disappointed by the results. A drop down menu allows you to select the most appropriate result for your search terms. THIS IS EXCITING!
The following is a Qwiki about Qwiki.

View Qwiki and over 3,000,000 other topics on Qwiki.

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