Sunday, November 13, 2011

Five Blogging Fundamentals: Step Two

What have I learned about blogging?
My experience creating and posting to Steps to Web 2.0 has given me some insight into blogs and blogging.
1. Create a site with an interesting design:
    -preview as you play with the layout to see how things look
    -don't hesitate to change the design if it isn't working (most recently-November 13, 2011)
Blogger Design Page
2. Use interesting titles and tags:
    -play with words but be clear about the content of your blog and posts
    -tag each post to clarify content
    -be flexible and creative
3. Add images, screencasts or videos to create interest:
     -enhance using public domain, creative commons or original digital images
4. Include hyperlinks to internet sources:
     -include links to items you talk about and sources of further information. Reading on the Web includes hyperlinks which make your blog interactive and enhance content 

5. Share your passion
    -create a blog for your personal digital videos, photos, your interests, travels, or personal news or opinions
    -read, follow and comment on other blogs that interest you
   -if you want to introduce blogs to your students you need to blog yourself. Richardson (2009) states,"if we want our students to learn from blogs, we have to experience that learning first hand."(p.43)

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