Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 Deadly Podcasting Fears

Lewis'(2011) October 31 podcast episode, Top 7 Deadly Fears of Podcasting lists reasons why some people hesitate to try podcasting or blogging. I admit that a few of these have crossed my mind but now my podcasts are finished and posted I have developed some confidence in my efforts. Lewis' list might help my students overcome their fears as well. He debunks each fear with logical explanations including; there is a listener for every voice and every idea and confidence will help you overcome your fears.
  1. not worth the time
  2. don't have enough to say
  3. no one will listen
  4. people won't like me
  5. too hard
  6. costs too much
  7. I hate the sound of my voice
Following links to access the original source of this podcast I was overjoyed to find Lewis' site included notes for archived episodes. I am beginning to realize just how small my piece of auditory learner is.

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