Thursday, November 10, 2011

Delving Deeper into Diigo: Step Three

Updating my Diigo profile included adding a photo, my Diigo network groups and followers, a short bio and links to this blog, my YouTube channel and Twitter account as well as my top and recent tags. Access to this information through Diigo will hopefully encourage other Diigo users to follow me and increase the potential of my PLN.

I was able to search Diigo Groups using key word search terms and located groups reflecting my interests.  As a group member I am able to see statistics for these groups which indicate some have lost momentum and other groups have members who are regularly tagging and sharing. I will need to weed my list to remove groups with no activity.
I have become a member of the following groups:
Classroom 2.0
Comics for Learning
Cool Tools for Educators!
Discovery Educator Network
elearning 2.0
Graphic Novels
Let's Manga
Middle School English
Purposeful Learning Technologies
Social Bookmarking
Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0
Technology Integration in Education
Web 2.0 tools for teachers
Web2.0 at school

I have created a Diigo group which will provide sources of material for a column I will be writing for The Teaching Librarian. I am hoping to draw other teacher librarians as members and benefit from crowd-sourced material shared in my group. Berger (2010) suggests social bookmarking should be used in education because it "allows users to tap the 'collective intelligence' of the web,"(p.51) valuing more the sites tagged by more group members.
In order to access my Diigo in Education group on my home computer I added the RSS feed for this Diigo Group to my Google Reader. To encourage readers of my blog to tag, save and share my posts I added a Diigo widget to my blog.

One Diigo web service tool allows a user to automatically post Diigo links to a blog daily or weekly. Or users can post an enhanced linkroll which will feed recent bookmarks and annotations to a blog. It is HTML code and can be embedded to the blog layout or to a post.
My Diigo

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