Friday, November 11, 2011

Diigo Pros and Cons

  • free online access anywhere
  • simple toolbar download
  • bookmark, highlight, capture, annotate
  • share by email, Twitter or add to a group
  • immediate, daily or weekly feed of group bookmarks (my favourite feature)
  • send annotations to a blog
  • tagging
  • bookmarks can be sorted by recent and popular and filtered by topic, bookmark or captured images
  • collaborative collecting of internet information
  • crowd sourced
  • public or private 
  • create a profile to encourage collaboration 
  • groups may require you to request membership 
  • notes can be added to shared pages
  • tools include linkroll, RSS feed, embedded widget for blogs
  • easy to use for student research 
I agree with @AuntyTech and the 50+ who completed the tool survey, Diigo is my top tool..

  • school board computer image "deep freeze" requires downloading of Diigo toolbar after every login

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