Friday, November 11, 2011

My 3 Social Bookmarking Hats

 My Teaching:
-research - grade 8 Body Systems
-private group creation (class/subject/teachers)
-collaboration and sharing of links
-in lieu of "can I email this to myself?"
-critical thinking re: creation of tags and selection of links
-writing annotations
-selection of text for highlighting
-bookmark appropriate sites for student pathfinders
-Student learning communities
-opportunities to connect to other researchers

My Learning:
-research for all graduate courses
-sharing links with colleagues and group members
-daily updates = instant PD!
-life long learning
-"cloud" access to all links
-extend my PLN to teacher librarians, teachers and others interested in Web 2.0 
-access far more on the internet through groups and those I follow
-subscribe to groups for updates, annotations and bookmarks

-use a private Diigo group to save bookmarks presently residing in my favourites on each computer I use
-tagging is changing the way I work with Web 2.0
-connect with like-minded educators and teacher librarians
-expand my use of the internet to personal interests: storytelling and watercolour painting

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