Sunday, November 20, 2011

My 3 Blogging Hats

Teaching Hat:
  • engaging students in meaningful writing for authentic audiences
  • student portfolio development
  • literature/discussion circle
  • "supports critical thinking, encouraging students to think and reflect prior to writing."(Trexler, 2010, p105)
  • engaging students and teachers using technology
  • allows all members of a class an equal voice
  • sharing ideas and understanding
  • school library blog
  • student reading group blogs
  • sharing passion for technology in education and school libraries
  • offering PD to teachers
Learning Hat
  • Personal Learning Community (without a doubt)
  • professional resources available through searching credible sources
  • links to new resources through the blogs I follow
  • collaborate to present ideas to colleagues/followers
  • using Google Reader for updates from blogs I follow
  • life long learning will be up to date, relevant and accurate
  • RSS feeds how did ever live without you?

Personal Hat: 
  • possibly create a blog to share my interest in watercolour painting (might have to wait now I am on this journey to Web 2.0)
  • developing my voice
  • Should I delete my Facebook account due to a few negative experiences and focus more on blogging?
  • feeling validated by repeat viewers from around the world
  • I think therefore I am a blogger

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