Monday, November 14, 2011

Finding a Blogging Voice: Step Four

My voice as a teacher librarian is thrilled by books, new titles and old, especially Canadian and passionate about intellectual freedoms on the shelves and on the web.
My voice as a technology leader is excited by the possibility of using Web 2.0 tools and technology in my library and in the classrooms
My voice is regularly frustrated by board of education internet filters and tight controls of forward thinking practices regarding technology. 
My voice as an educator is pleased by, supportive and encouraging of creative and unique approaches to teaching and learning. 
My voice as a learner is enthusiastic to experience new things and PASSIONATE to share what I have discovered and always has been and probably always will be.

The message I want to express as a blogger is that teacher librarians can move our schools into the 21st century and I will post information that is a real and honest attempt to pass that message along. I agree that these technologies "can be used to transform classroom practice and extend the school day in ways that will have a positive impact on student achievement." (Brooks-Young, 2010, p.11)  I am seeking an authentic voice in my posts but the details of the assignment seem to be interfering with my natural style of blogging (or what I think is my style of blogging) although my recent posts feel more like me (with an academic edge)...if that makes sense.  I am developing a sense that if I could write posts more quickly and more often my voice would be less formal and more real, authentic and readable (PASSIONATE). I revisit and edit my blog posts all the time. 
The (My) Guide to Finding Your Blogging Voice  offers these suggestions:
  • Identify your unique voice.
  • Write like you talk.
  • Tweak it along the way
  • Wisdom comes through risks.

I would like a voice that is mainly Whale with a bit of Dolphin.

I hope to take this advice to heart.  I am still looking for my voice. Has anyone out there seen it?
Final advice-Take my own advice! 

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