Friday, November 4, 2011

Diigo: Fifth of 6 Web 2.0 tools is an online social bookmarking tool for web image and document highlighting, book marking, annotating and sharing with a group.  As a learner in the Master of Education (TLDL) program focussing on the use of online sources I needed to go beyond adding bookmarks to my favourites in the browser. Earlier this year I began to use Diigo on the recommendation of my instructors and have subscribed to a few Diigo groups and receive emailed daily updates of pages bookmarked by other users. “By joining groups of like minded users, you are automatically able to access all of the bookmarks that other members of the group have chosen to save”.(Brisbane catholic education information and resourcing centre, 2011) The quality of these bookmarks makes Diigo a valuable addition to my personal learning network. At this time I bookmark and share sites through email using Diigo but have not used other features. I am intrigued by the use of tags and would like to become more active in collaborating with my groups. Reynolds ( 2010) predicts “We will watch as the cloud expands and frees users not only from the tether of their local hard drives, but also from other boundaries that have separated them from content and other users”. (para. 8)  Using Diigo to highlight and sticky note would help me manage online reading and research without the fear of lost access. I will demonstrate my use of tags, highlighting and sticky notes by including a Diigo page in my blog. I will include a list of my tags, my Diigo groups and some of the comments I have contributed and shared.

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