Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inanimate Alice: Lesson 1

Using the resources provided when we subscribed to the Inanimate Alice project, we developed this introduction.
1.    Introduction: What is a narrative?
If a narrative was on the internet, what would you expect it to look like? What would it include?  Elements (MODES) of representation
-images, sound, video, animations, text, links
2. LCD - Background Knowledge:  China
·         Google maps
·         Flickrcc
·         Flickr
3.    Inanimate Alice Episode 1: China  use LCD
4.    Students navigate the story: Students work in pairs (promotes dialogue)
5.    Class discussion: Explore sensory input-sounds image text of this episode.
1.    Screen 3
a.     Music begins here- Why?
b.    TURN off sound –look at screen 3 how does the music affect the tone of the screen?  Urgency?
2.    Screen 6
a.    Arrows appear near the road...Why do you think they are placed there?
–not the same as previous screens
3.    Screen 7
a.    Sound is very different? (almost Silent) What can you hear? ??
b.    What does this suggest to you about her home at the base?
4.    Screen 8
a.    You can move through this screen quickly if you like. If you wait what happens?
b.    What is it the painting that you see? What do you notice about the colours of the layers of the painting as they appear?
5.    1/2 way through (Pictures of flowers)
a.    When you read the story for the first time did you know you had to take pictures or did you think it was just for Alice?
b.    How many flowers did you see?
c.    Was Alice’s mom driving too quickly for you to take photos of all 4 flowers?
d.    Did the music help you concentrate?
6.     Alice writes her list of things she’d rather be doing
a.    Does her list sound like an 8 year old?
b.    Is there a hint that helps us think she is only 8? (font)
7.    Final 2 screens
a.    How did you know this is the end of the story (doesn’t say the end)? (various modes)
                                                          Sounds, Jeep drives off screen, Darkening sky

6.    Blogging introduction: Brainpop and commoncraft video
7.    Snowball activity  (See Kist)
                        -develop class blogging guidelines

8.   Episode 1: China Blogging : What I did?
What I enjoyed?
What I found difficult?
What really worked?
Next time I will...

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