Thursday, December 22, 2011

Introducing Alice

This week Mr Stewart and I have introduced our plans for using digital narratives to his grade 6 language classes.
Both groups participated in a quick introduction to our Weebly website host and to blogging. The Brainpop Blogs video got a few chuckles. We looked at flickrcc and Google advanced image search for reusable, modifiable images to enhance their sites.
A letter of permission was added to the teacher site and forms have been sent home for signatures.
Instructions were given  for creating their web page.
Your new website is about reading. Create a Home page which reflects your understanding about reading and your interest in reading.
Include words and images.

We used Kist's Snowball activity to develop guidelines for blogging and commenting. Interestingly the guidelines for each class that does this acitivity are very similar.

607 Guidelines for Blogging
  1. disagree respectfully (always comes out first)
  2. comment with details
  3. make sense and add details
  4. use good English spelling, grammar and punctuation

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