Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inanimate Alice: Episode 2: Italy

From our lesson: Students were encouraged to use Google maps and flickrcc to independently search for the following: Italy, Italian alps, Saudi Arabia, chalet and Snowcat. Some students used Google Images and successfully identified a Snowcat as a machine.

Students read Episode #2: Italy in pairs using library netbooks. Many groups reread and replayed the games.

A demonstration of the Weebly site slide show application was followed by instructions for posting.

From the teacher web site:                   Episode # 2: Italy

Post # 3: Story

Watch Episode # 2: Italy.
Tell the story using ten (10) events only.
Create a slide show using the 10 events and pictures to represent the events in the story.

Post #4: Reflection

Reflect on Episode # 2
What was the best part of this episode? Why?
What was your least favourite part? Why?
What would you change if you could? Why?

Post #5: Emotion

Create a picture that shows one of Alice's emotions during this episode.
Finish the following sentence.
Alice felt........                        when...


  1. I'm in the process of adding IA:Episode 2 activities for my students to my game/interactive website. May I use your ideas? They are excellent!

    1. PLease feel free to use and share.