Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inanimate Alice: Your Episode

Image: 'Animoto on the iPhone - start'
Using Animoto create your own original Episode #5

Teacher demonstration of features of Animoto video creation tool.
Episode 5: ?  YOU are the author!
1. Select one of the countries Alice's classmates came from.Pakistan

Review features of story included in Inanimate Alice Episodes.

2. Create your digital narrative using a video editing tool.
Write a story to continue Alice's adventures in her new home.  Include the following:
How old is Alice now?
A map to locate the country
A plan or picture of her home
Pictures to let us know what the setting is like
Make sure you have a problem and solution
Something about her friends (home schooling or in a "regular" school.)
What about Brad?
Optional: You might try to include a game.
Create a storyboard to help organize your video. Find a downloadable Storyboard on the internet. Here is one you might try. Xinsight
3. You must use photos, effects, sound, music, and words to tell the story.Select photos from flickrcc or Google Advanced Image Search labeled for reuse and modification.

Use the edit feature on flickrcc or another photo editing tool to change the look of the photos.

Add sound effects and music  using links found on the Lougheed sqworl pathfinder. These MUST be public domain.

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