Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inanimate Alice Episode 1: China

From the teacher website:

Your new website is about reading. Create a Home page which reflects your understanding about reading and your interest in reading.
Include words and images.

Keep up with your assignments.
From our lesson: We began our exploration of Alice by talking about narrative and the elements of story. We predicted what a digital narrative found on the web might include.
Our next step was to use Google maps to investigate what the setting would look like. I dragged the "street view" icon to some of the blue dots and we looked at the desert areas in northern China.
Our first reading was teacher led. It was followed by a discussion of the features of the text using an adaptation of the Inanimate Alice teacher education package (must subscribe to access)
Students reread the episode using library netbooks in pairs and at their own speed. The students were asked to create the following two posts for their blogs.

From the teacher website:

Episode 1: China

Post #1
Your entry should tell us about how you read Episode # 1. Use digital features to help explain your answers.

What did you do?
What did you enjoy?
What did you find difficult?
What really worked?
Complete the following:  Next time I will....

Post # 2

Describe story elements clearly. Use digital features to help explain.

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