Sunday, December 11, 2011

Planning a Grade 6 Science Blog

The following assignment is a Web 2.0 adaptation of
Planet for Sale!
Part One: I am a Scientist web page
  • My Science memories
  • What I learned about air and flight
  • My favourite Science invention
  • My favourite online Science sites
Part Two: Planet for Sale Blog 
POST #1   Introduce yourself and your realty company
    1. your first name
    2. your company name
    3. a logo for your company
    4. graphics
    5. date of last revision
POST # 2   Describe your planet
  1. planet name
  2. number planet from the sun
  3. distance to earth
  4. closest planet-how far?
  5. interesting characteristics
  6. atmosphere: temperature, weather, etc.
  7. surface: crustal activity, quakes, volcanoes
POST # 3   Clearly describe the characteristics of your planet which are most appealing to buyers and explain why the features are important.

POST # 4   Clearly describe suggestions for buyer as to how they might use or enjoy the planet based on the characteristics.

POST # 5  BUY comments 
Try to buy a planet! These comments must communicate to at least 3 other sellers that you want to buy their planet. Your comments will help you find out if their planet is the one for you. Write clear comments and intelligent questions. Check back to see what their answers are.

POST # 6 SELL comments 
Sell your planet! Respond to questions and comments made by possible buyers of your planet. You want to convince them that your planet is the best choice for them to buy.Try to make a sale.

Students are encouraged to include:

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