Saturday, December 10, 2011

Podcasting: The survey says...

Podcasting Survey 2011 using My use of this tool still needs some fine-tuning.
This week Ms Knight and I completed our first collaborative podcasting experience with her grade 8 Science classes. Although we faced a number of challenges the overall engagement of the students and results were spectacular.

When asked what they had learned students responded:
  • science can be fun
  • I can learn without visuals
  • repetition by rerecording helped me learn
  • how to use Audacity
  • how to make a podcast
  • about my water issue and why it is important
  • I would make a great reporter
 Suggestions made by students for next time:
  • more time to record
  • practice more
  • should podcast more often
  • try video recording
  • speak more clearly, more slowly and with more expression
  • work faster
  • pick a different partner
Although some students chose not to publish their podcasts online Ms Knight and I agree the assignment was worth the time and effort.

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