Friday, December 2, 2011

Tech in Perspective
An informal meeting with a board Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT) today made me review the progress we have made implementing technology at my school. A little refresher to put things in perspective.
Library Tech:
  • wireless hub 
  • 13 netbooks + 4 desk top PCs
  • 4 flip cameras
  • 15 headset/microphones
  • Evernote & Diigo added to netbook image
  • Wiki use for social studies and science projects (gr. 6)
  • wiki use for reading strategies demonstration (gr. 7)
  • use of Flickr and FlickrCC resources
  • Glogster presentations (prior to board blocking)
  • Prezi creation with French classes (gr. 8)
  • Diigo recommended for student collection of bookmarks (g.r 8)
  • Bibme accounts for collection of citations (gr. 8)
  • introduction of alternate search engines; Sweet Search, Mashpedia, Boolify and Yippy
  • 16 Sqworl pathfinders for a variety of subject areas (gr. 6,7,8)
  • podcasting with six science classes (gr.8)
  • video creation with two media classes (gr.7)
  • introduction to blogging for eight classes (gr.7, 8)
  • purchase of Weebly Campus Account
  • ten teachers set up Weebly class accounts
  • purchase of PodOmatic podcasting account for school
  • planned PD to introduce Diigo and Twitter as tools for PLN
Tech in the school:
  • wireless hubs on three mobile netbook labs (20 netbooks/ one cart/grade level)
  • use of Google docs at staff meeting and student focus groups
  • VP's from our superintendency visit digitally savvy schools in B.C.
  • teacher attendance at board-wide Tech conference
  • School blogs with student content, photos, Voice thread
Our digital footprint is much better than we thought and growing.

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