Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 1: Dropbox for Beginners

I love iPad apps!
I found Dropbox and downloaded the free app in seconds. I have positioned it in my six "always there" apps at the bottom of the screen and I have installed Dropbox on my PC. A Dropbox icon is in the task bar and start menu as well as in my Favourites.
Signing up for an account requires an email address and password. A passcode can be added to sign in on the iPad.

My free account has up to 18 GB storage and an additional 2 GB + 500 MB per referral. You will see my invitation through Dropbox on Twitter and Facebook. You can refer through your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc accounts as well. I have sent a few direct email invitations to my admin. 

Additional storage can be purchased at a rate starting at $9.99/ month or $100.00/year.
Team Dropbox accounts are high priced and will not be an appropriate use of school funds. Five accounts start at $795.00. I will recommend teachers and students register for the free account. Teachers may want to create a school work email account to accommodate student sharing.

The checklist takes you through an orientation to Dropbox including:
Dropbox tour

Install Dropbox on your computer

Put files in your Dropbox folder

Install Dropbox on other computers you use

Share a folder with friends or colleagues

Invite some friends to join Dropbox

Install Dropbox on your mobile device 

When Dropbox has been installed three files are available; Photos, Public and Getting Started. The Getting Stared File gives quick directions for this relatively intuitive program.
"Drag and drop" files to the Dropbox icon to save to your account. Double clicking on the icon opens your Dropbox.

The Dropbox help page is easy to access and the information is clear and presented well.

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